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Meet Giacomo from Switzerland

We are happy to introduce you Giacomo from École hôtelière de Lausanne, one of the top hospitality school in the world. He came to China to experience something different and unique.

Please introduce yourself and where are you located in China.

I’m Giacomo Bresciani, 24. I’m studying at EHL and I’m doing a management traineeship in F&B in Hangzhou, at the Azure Qiantang, Luxury Collection.

How long you have been in China? How long are you going to stay and do you have any travel plans during/after the program?

I’ve been living in China for 5 months, now is my last month and after this experience I will go back to Switzerland to finish my studies. I’m seriously considering to come back to China after my university and start my career in this country.

How is the experience so far? What have been the challenges and highlights of your stay in here?

The experience is, no doubts, life changing. I had the possibility to discover a new culture, new places and new kind of food. I met wonderful people and made unique friends which helped me a lot living this experience in the best way possible. Working with people of a different culture is the biggest challenge, learning how to comunicate and cooperate takes time, but brings great satisfactions.

Why did you choose to come to China in the first place?

I chose China as destination to challenge myself and my adaptability skills, I like to go out from my comfort zone and China is way far from it. The curiosity to discover a new culture is also an important point.

Would you recommend this experience for others who are interested of coming here?

This experience is not for everybody. If you feel ready to jump into a new world and change your mindset, then you MUST give it a try.

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