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The 1st CHT NETWORKING DAYS of China Hospitality and Tourism

was successfully hold in Hangzhou China 

from 21st - 23rd  of October

As a leading provider of international educational exchange

hospitality and tourism. CHT is proud to be partner with the top

hotel schools and the most prestigious hotel brands in the world. 

Ms. Inna Bentsalo from UT Pärnu College Estonia,

Ms. Márcia Harumi Miyazaki from Senac Brazil,

Mr. Sharizal Bin Kamaruddin from KDU Malaysia,

Dr. Alan Wong from HongKong Polytechnic University, 

professional managers from international hotels and hotel management trainees were invited to discuss the opportunities and challenges of global tourism market. In this meeting, Dr. Alan Wong presented the overview of the China Hospitality development, challenges and implications for hospitality education/training opportunities, then the three representitives from hospitality and tourism universities introduced the tourism development of Estonia, Brazil and Malaysia. CHT announced CHT Management School and "Toristico" the international tourism network will be launched in 2020.

Visiting hotels

Visiting The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Experience the colorful life in China

The 2nd CHT NETWORKING DAYS of China Hospitality and Tourism will be held in Hangzhou China on May 11th to 13th 2020. 

Representatives from more than 20 CHT International Hospitality and Tourism University partners will attend this meeting, welcome and coming soon!

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