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Becoming a partner host hotel 
CHT's goal is to provide our partner hotels the best applicants and support mutual development. We evaluate all of the candidates and choose the best ones for each hotel. Our organization is supported and funded by the hotel industry in China and with our long experience in the field, we provide quality services for our partners. 

Our program connects the best applicants with the best hotels in order to create a meaningful experience for both participants. Sharing knowledge and gaining valuable experience is the core of this cooperation. While the participants deepen their knowledge in the hospitality and service industry, hotels will be able to provide pleasant and international service to their customers. In addition, the local employees have a chance to develop their global mindset and cultural knowledge which gives an advantage in the professional field. We preselect the best candidates from top universities and hospitality school.



Our participants are motivated and eager to learn how to put knowledge into practice.


Our hotel partners will benefit greatly from taking part of this program:

• Multicultural staff who can speak multiple languages, over 35 nationalities.

• Providing international service which benefits your guest and local staff.

• Candidates coming from the best universities and hospitality institutions around the globe.

• Sharing experiences, participants will bring knowledge from different cultures and local markets.

• Highly motivated candidates who are eager to learn and bring their unique experiences while adding value to the service.

• Talented and educated participants who provide qualified service to the guest and contribute to developing an international atmosphere

• Effective and efficient communication between the guest and employees, providing the best customer service.

By becoming our partner, you will be part of an important international cooperation that provides unique opportunities to foreign participants. Also your hotel staff will gain valuable experience by communicating with foreigners and gaining understanding of different cultures. 


We are more than happy to tell more about the program, so do not hesitate to contact us by email

Let's develop together!

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