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Why China ?

Completing a management traineeship in China is an investment for the future. This experience will help you to gain an understanding of the Chinese culture, develop a global mindset and also a chance to make unforgettable memories. Due to the growing markets of tourism and travel, and the hotel business scene, there are new opportunities emerging continuously. Doing management traineeship in China will give you a professional advantage in the tourism and hospitality industry. You have an opportunity to work for prestigious global hotel chains and learn from real professionals. You will gain actual working experience from the management field and bring your own knowledge into practice. There is a high demand for educated and experienced employees internationally and after completing this traineeship, you will meet the high standards and have the required professional experience and knowledge to make your way inside the industry.

Experience China

5000 years of incredible history, now waiting for you to explore it
China is currently the second largest travel and tourism economy in the world (World Travel & Tourism Council). The tourism earnings of the country have been growing over 10% annually for nearly a decade and the outbound tourism numbers of 2018 show that almost 150 million trips made (Travel China Guide 2019). This is just the beginning. And on top of this, four out of five growing global cities in terms of direct travel and tourism, were Chinese! (South China Morning Post 2018) The tourism and hospitality industry is exponentially growing in China, and new opportunities rise daily. China is a country full of wonders and different aspects. The culture is rich and versatile, locations vary from big city hustle to tranquil endless gardens and greenery. The technological development is way beyond many other countries and makes daily life smoother and simpler. Dining out is affordable and the real problem is how to choose from all the delicious options available. You have the opportunity to get to know all these amazing and different sides of China. This is a place that can’t be seen and experienced in just few weeks but an endless exploration of all the layers.
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