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Frequent asked questions
What kind of positions are available?
All of the positions vary between the hotels and what they can offer at the time. Most of the placements are management traineeship positions in FO, F&B or kitchen. CHT aims to provide most detailed and accurate information about the current positions but there may be differences due to the changing nature of the industry. 
When I will receive the placement confirmation?
You will receive a email confirmation of the placement from CHT.
please confirm reply to us your acceptance of the offer and your
starting date.

When I should book the flights?
Make your flight arrangements only after your visa is done.
Inform our team your arrival date and flight details in
advance. Please let us know before you book your flight.
Health Insurance.
Do I need a health insurance?
We strongly advise our participants to arrive with an
insurance with coverage in international hospitals for
China. We advice to have the coverage of RMB 300

How to apply for the Chinese Visa?
Important: CHT team will advise you on the visa application steps according to
the rules and regulations of China. CHT is not a visa agency and has no
responsibilities of the success of the application.

Where to apply for the visa?
In the nearest Chinese consular
representative in your country.
As soon as you receive the offer from your host hotel our
team will contact you with application instructions.

How can I get the documents for the application?
Your host hotel and university will give you all documents
In some cases it will be required the original documents.
Our team will send you by courier service.
How long does the traineeship last?
The traineeship can last from 4, 6 or 12 months
Can I extend my traineeship and visa?
Yes, you can apply for a double placement while doing the first placement. This means that you will be placed in another hotel or continue working in the same hotel, for another 4 to 12 months. We will help in the visa extension process. 
What are the requirements for applying?
• Be between the ages of 18 and 35. 
• Understand that the purpose of this program is not to serve as a work program but a cultural exchange; 
• Be interviewed in-person, over the phone or via web camera by CHT or an approved CHT cooperator. 
• Training programs must be related to applicants’ occupational fields, which they must be actively pursuing; 
 • Experience in relevant area will be considered a plus; 
• Have verifiable English language skills and possess comprehension of English terminology of their field, other languages will be considered as a plus (Chinese not required); 
• At the end of the traineeship, participants must provide a report of the traineeship experience; 
• MS Office knowledge; • Opera, will be considered as a plus Skills 
• Be enrolled or graduated in tourism management; 
• Strong affinity for and commitment to the hotel industry; 
• Willingness to demonstrate initiative and perform shift duties; 
• Strong market sense and results orientation; Excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills.
What does it cost?
The program it self is free of charge. The host hotels will provide the accommodation and a meal per day in most placements. You will be also given a small monthly compensation, the amount depends on the hotel you are placed. General living expenses in China are significantly lower than in Europe. Eating out several days a week is affordable and basic household goods can be found in cheap prices. The participants should be prepared to pay for their flights, visa expenses and insurance. Although prices are lower in China, participants are advised to have some saving before coming. 
What are the culture tips for China ?
• Most of the Chinese citizens do not speak English.
• In China people do not give tip.
• Queue does not exist in China.
• Always carry toilet paper with you, because most public toilets do not provide it.
• At markets be prepared to haggle hard as prices given for foreigners are always
higher than for Chinese. Don’t be fooled by the initial price given. An efficient
and easy way to get a lower price is to just walk away. Usually the vendor will
come after you.
How is the working culture in China?
• The most important word to describe the company culture is RESPECT, to
coworkers and the boss. For the Chinese, this word has a lot of meanings. CHT
recommends the trainees do not gossip or to participate in this kind of
communication. Opinions and ideas are welcome, but you must discuss it with
the boss first and get his approval in order to communicate it to others. If case
of a problem, speak with your boss to find a solution.
• It is also important to follow the rules and the time schedule. Always be on time.
• Chinese think in long terms and the most important thing is the trust in the
intern and then the work. The trust and the communication are basic in every
• They encourage the positive thinking.
• At the beginning of the traineeship, the Host hotel do not assign to many tasks
for the trainee. They prefer to notice the trainee’s abilities and then they give
them more tasks. You have to gain their trust in the professional way (this is
another way of respect).
• Foreign trainees are well treated. They like to learn about foreigners’ way of
work and life.
• Express yourself in every possible way. They want trainees to communicate and
have relationship with them.

Did we manage to answer to all of your questions? If not, don't hesitate to contact us!
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What kind of positions are available?
When I will receive the placement confirmation?
Do I need a health insurance?
When I should book the flights?
How to apply for the Chinese Visa?
Where to apply the visa?
How can I get the documents for the application?
How long does the traineeship last?
Can I extend my traineeship and visa?
What are the requirements for applying?
What does it cost?
What are the culture tips for China ?
How is the working culture in China?
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