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Demola is not just a project you complete during your studies. At Demola, you'll become a member and make important connections for life. Through Demola you will learn:

- Identify meaningful information in noise

- Think and act like a future designer

- Ownership of project execution

- Interdisciplinary and international team work experience


How does it work?

Project themes are inspired by our community. The topic is then designed as a creative brief by our experts and published on for applications. For each topic, we will select and build an interdisciplinary team of international university students. Our platform supports cumulative knowledge building, teams don't start with an empty table, but leverage data and analytics that the Demola community already has. Each team has our co-creation experts working with you to co-create results. The project lasts around 8 weeks and the results are brought back to the community for interpretation and discussion.


Who can participate?

Students in the Demola community represent all walks of life: from PhDs to bachelors, humanities and arts to engineering and business, and everything in between. Globally, 7% of our team members are PhDs, 56% masters, and 37% bachelors.

Are you a person with the right mindset?

You possess the curiosity to know and discover.

You have an optimistic spirit and believe that different possibilities exist, although they may not yet be discovered.

You have the tenacity to not give up even when faced with a dead end and when you are forced to go back to where you started.

You have empathy and the ability to set aside your own thoughts and relate to others with your heart.



On the Demola project, you will learn important skills relevant to working life, including interdisciplinary communication and project management skills. Participants will also become familiar with strategic foresight tools and design thinking methodologies. We award Creative Visionary Specialist diplomas to participants who complete the programme.

Students will also receive different additional benefits when joining our program. Here are some:

Ownership of Project Results (IPR)

Team members own the rights to the results they create in these projects. While these results are valuable additions to your portfolio, some may also consider entrepreneurial activity later on, at which point ownership of the results may come in handy.

Why join DEMOLA?



China and Finland join hands to meet challenges and jointly promote economic recovery



In the past year, the COVID-19 epidemic has hit the global economy hard. Humanity has suffered the worst economic recession since the end of World War II. The industries and businesses of various countries are facing different levels of operating difficulties. Stabilizing and revitalizing the economy has become a common challenge facing all countries. .


In the face of the crisis, China focused on coordinating the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, and adopted a series of countermeasures in a timely and decisive manner, achieved good results at a reasonable cost, and achieved economic stability and recovery relatively quickly. The annual economic growth was 2.3%, becoming the only country to achieve positive growth. major economies. International institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predict that China's economy will grow by about 8% in 2021, and its contribution to world economic growth will exceed one-third.


The strong resilience and vitality of the Chinese economy in the face of difficulties is inseparable from the persistence in opening up to the outside world and the continuous deep integration into the world economy for many years. The epidemic did not close China's door to the outside world, but opened it wider and wider. Based on the new development stage, China will implement the new development concept, actively build a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body, and the domestic and international dual cycles to promote each other, continue to stimulate the vitality of the super large market, and inject greater momentum into the world economy under the haze of the epidemic. Countries are also welcome to share their development achievements and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


As the world's major economies, strengthening practical cooperation between China and the EU is of great significance to promoting the recovery of the world economy. I believe this is also the common wish of the business circles of both sides under the normalization of the epidemic. Not long ago, China and the EU announced the completion of investment agreement negotiations as scheduled, demonstrating the joint efforts of both sides to uphold international rules and promote practical cooperation. Recently, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council of China held a video dialogue meeting with representatives of European entrepreneurs, and conducted in-depth exchanges on issues such as the Chinese market and consumption, China-EU trade and investment cooperation, China's business environment, cooperation in fighting the epidemic, and addressing climate change. determination and sincerity. The participating European entrepreneurs cast a vote of confidence for China's development and China-EU cooperation, expressing their support for the advancement of the ratification and full implementation of the China-EU Investment Agreement, and their commitment to strengthening cooperation with China.


China and Finland have maintained close exchanges and cooperation during the epidemic. For example, Finland's food exports to China achieved a substantial increase last year. As the Chinese ambassador to Finland, I often hear many people express their optimism about China's economy and China-Finland cooperation in exchanges with Finnish entrepreneurs. In the post-pandemic era, the two countries have broad prospects for cooperation in areas such as green development and climate change.

At present, the global epidemic situation is still severe. Effectively controlling the epidemic and creating more favorable conditions for economic recovery is still a top priority for all countries. Not long ago, China announced to provide 10 million doses of vaccines to the WHO's "New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan". China will continue to strengthen coordination and cooperation with the international community, including the European side, to jointly tackle challenges and promote economic recovery.


Reprinted to the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Finland:

CHT interview
Chat with Dr. Huang about hotel management and experience​



Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the global hotel and tourism industry has been severely hit. Come and discuss the current situation of the industry under the epidemic with Dr. Huang, President of CHT


CHT Vocational Classroom
The first lecture - how to avoid a 0-point resume.


There is no poorly written resume, only badly written resumes, come and learn how to write a perfect resume with Mr. Qian!


CHT Vocational Classroom
Lecture 2 - Understand the three stages of the interview process and break through in the workplace



​How to establish a correct outlook on employment in interviews, let’s see what Teacher Qian said.

Alumni Feedback



​Alisa from Zhejiang Tourism Vocational College


Alumni Feedback

​Daniel from Zhejiang Tourism Vocational College


The first "China Hotel and Tourism Industry - CHT Network Day" was successfully held in Hangzhou



As a leader in international education exchanges in hospitality and tourism, CHT is honored to cooperate with the world's top hotel management schools and well-known hotel brands!

Ms. Inna Bentsalo from the University of Tartu, Ms. Márcia Harumi Miyazaki from Senac, a Brazilian business learning service company, Mr. Sharizal Bin Kamaruddin from KDU University in Malaysia, Dr. Huang Zhien from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and professional managers and hotel management trainees from international hotels All were invited to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the global tourism market

At this meeting, Dr. Huang Zhien introduced the development of China's hotel industry, the challenges and impacts of hotel industry education and training. Subsequently, three representatives from the University of Hotel and Tourism introduced the development status of tourism in Estonia, Brazil and Malaysia respectively. Finally, CHT announced that CHT International School of Management and "Linked Tour" global tourism and service industry network will be launched in 2020!

2019 Networking days.jpg

​Student Ambassador of Hagharia University of Applied Sciences——Liu Jialin

​Listen to Liu Jialin, Hagharia’s Chinese student ambassador, sharing his experience of campus life in Finland



Review of the online open day at Hagharia University of Applied Sciences, Finland


Thank you students, teachers, and parents for participating in the online open day lecture at Hagharia University of Applied Sciences on March 26, 2021!


This online open day presentation is aimed at all students who are interested in the experience management, service management, tourism management professional degree programs and tourism and exhibition management professional degree programs of Hagharia University of Applied Sciences. During the one-and-a-half-hour presentation, there were sincere greetings from the principals and professors, wonderful sharing from industry elites, and interactive exchanges from alumni from all over the world. The process was rich and interesting, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone!



Finland is the happiest country in the world

After the world has encountered an epidemic that has not happened in a century, the top spot of the world's happiest country has not changed hands, and it is still Finland. For the fourth year in a row, Finland topped the annual list based on data from Gallup's global poll. The researchers said it was no surprise that Finland topped the list once again, as the Nordic country has always had a high level of mutual trust.


​Life in Haaga-Helia is colorful!


​In Hagharia University of Applied Sciences, Finland, you can not only have professional course knowledge, but also experience a variety of colorful activities!


​“Haghariya University of Applied Sciences prepares you well for entering the business world.” Said Wang, a second-year business major


Wang Hanchen is passionate about learning different languages. In addition to his native Chinese, he is also fluent in English and German. He is learning Finnish now.


"Because I have always been keen on learning Finnish, coming to Finland is obviously the best choice." Wang Hanchen said with a smile.


"I like to communicate with the local people in their language, which allows me to understand them better. Language is not only a tool of communication, but also an expression of the whole culture."


Some say Finnish is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world to learn. So what is Hanchen Wang's point? "Learning Finnish is challenging and fun. But it's definitely not as difficult as you might think."

Wang Hanchen has been living in Finland for two years now. During this period, he worked hard to learn Finnish, and also took time to savor the well-designed urban infrastructure and beautiful natural scenery of the local area.


"Living in Finland is a very pleasant experience. Apart from the developed cities, I also like nature and the different seasons."


Wang Hanchen praised: "When I first arrived in Finland, I was surprised by the enthusiasm and helpfulness of the Finnish people."

Hagharia University of Applied Sciences helps you develop the confidence and skills to build your career in global business.


In order to improve his personal language and business skills, Wang Hanchen decided to apply to Hagharia University of Applied Sciences.


"Hagharia University of Applied Sciences provides professional business education, but at the same time, I can also learn different languages ​​and apply them in business. This is the reason why I choose Hagharia University of Applied Sciences." Wang Hanchen said.


At Hagharia University of Applied Sciences, students' intercultural teamwork skills are enhanced and developed through a variety of learning methods, such as project cooperation with classmates and companies. Wang Hanchen is very satisfied with this teaching method.


"The best part of studying here is that you have a lot of opportunities to work with people. Not only with other students, but also with real companies launching projects."


"Furthermore, these teachers have also worked in the business world and they have connections with different companies. This is why they are able to provide the best knowledge, education and confidence support to their students."

Wang Hanchen also made many new friends during his studies. Student clubs are something he holds dear.


One of the best things I want to mention is the student community at Hagharia University of Applied Sciences. It brings together students, alumni, and teachers, giving us a sense of unity rather than solitary individuals.


Finally, for those students who are considering applying for the international business program at Hagharia University of Applied Sciences, Wang Hanchen said: "You have made the right decision because Hagharia has prepared you well for entering the business world."


​Sensing Finland - Studying at Haaga-Helia

Finland has been voted the happiest country in the world for four years in a row. And if that wasn't enough, we also offer a world-renowned education.
Haaga-Helia is a business-oriented university of applied sciences in Finland. Through education, research and development, we develop professionals for business and service. We focus on collaboration, entrepreneurship, innovation and internationalization.



“Studying here allows me to be myself, and a professional coach,” said Derek, a second-year Haaga-Helia student.


Derek Read, a 22-year-old sports coaching and management student, had a wonderful time studying in Finland. Transitioning from his home state of Colorado, USA to Finland was easy for him because of the hospitality of the people and the activities he was familiar with, especially ice hockey.


Derek finally decided to study at Haaga-Helia because of getting to know Haaga-Helia students and talking with people in the hockey world. “The help, experience and knowledge they provided made me eager to get here and find out. So far, so good,” Derek said.

Studying abroad is not an easy decision - you may not know their culture well, nor the classmates you will be studying with. Still, Derek's experience was great.


"The people here, make everything so easy. They welcome you very much and help a lot. So for me, it was a great experience. The thing that surprised me the most about Finnish culture is its Great hospitality. I found everyone to be very helpful and sharing. This was a huge surprise for me,” said Derek. the

Studying at Haaga-Helia has helped Derek develop a lot of skills and knowledge that will help him succeed in his future career.


“Studying in the Sports Coaching and Management program gave me a lot of confidence. It was a great place to learn how to explore and discover new information and really develop myself as a person and as a coach,” said Derek.

Being a student at Haaga-Helia is about learning who you are in addition to learning.


Derek said: "I have grown a lot since I joined this program. What surprised me most about the study life in Finland is that they care so much about the personal development of the students. Here, they really focus on your areas of interest and help you achieve your goals. What you want to achieve, get where you want to go.”


For those who want to study at Haaga-Helia, Derek would like to say to you: "Go ahead and do it. It is worth your time and effort. For me, being able to experience the international culture of this program, as well as the multi-sport culture A great thing - you learn a lot from all angles."

Xi Jinping Speaks on the Phone with Finnish President Niinisto




Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 21. On the evening of June 21, President Xi Jinping had a telephone conversation with Finnish President Niinisto.


Xi Jinping pointed out that last year we jointly celebrated the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Finland. Over the past year, the two sides have joined hands to fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, deepening friendship, overcoming difficulties and advancing practical cooperation and development. The Chinese side is willing to work with the Finnish side to give full play to their complementary advantages to expand and strengthen bilateral trade. We welcome Finnish companies to continue to share the dividends brought about by China's development, and hope that Finland will continue to support cooperation in investment and other fields with an open attitude. The Chinese side is willing to strengthen personnel exchanges with the Finnish side, carry out more cooperation in fields such as scientific research, science and education, green and low-carbon, and jointly address the challenge of climate change. China is actively preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics and wishes Finland every success in the Beijing Winter Olympics.


Xi Jinping emphasized that it was not easy for China-EU relations to go against the trend of the new crown pneumonia epidemic last year, and it should be cherished. The key is to work together to maintain the leading aspect of dialogue and cooperation in China-EU relations and the main tone of mutual benefit and win-win results. It is hoped that Finland will play a unique and positive role in promoting the healthy and stable development of China-EU relations.


Xi Jinping pointed out that the current world structure is evolving rapidly, and global threats and challenges are emerging one after another. All parties should work together in a cooperative rather than confrontational, win-win rather than zero-sum manner. China appreciates Finland's positive role in this regard. China is willing to work with Finland to uphold true multilateralism, actively respond to global challenges such as public health security and climate change through international cooperation, and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.


Niinisto said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Finland and China 70 years ago, the relations between the two countries have made great progress. China is Finland's most important trading partner in Asia, and the two sides have great potential for cooperation in high-tech, circular economy and other fields. The cooperation between Finland and China has played an important role in Finland's better response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Finland attaches great importance to cooperation with China on the Winter Olympics and will actively participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Great changes have taken place in the world today, and mankind is facing common challenges such as climate change and the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Finland advocates carrying forward the "Spirit of Helsinki" in 1975 and jointly responding to global challenges through dialogue and cooperation. In this process, China's role is crucial and indispensable. The Finnish side is willing to play an active role in promoting EU-China dialogue and cooperation.

Why should you study in Finland?



Our reporter [Xing Ge in Finland] will introduce you anecdotes about studying in Finland.



Topic of the week: "Why you should study in Finland?"

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